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يتكون المجمع السكني من خمس مراحل سكنية 
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Elyasmin Residence project will be held on an area of ​​98 acres and includes 595 villas and Twain House and the family home and townhouse colors standardized interfaces, and represent roads and public green space 66% of the total area of ​​the project.
Elyasmin Residence is the first villas gathering integrated with new concept of modern housing in Khartoum and will be held on the basis of extensive marketing studies to identify the needs of the target population inside and outside Sudan, where there are all basic services:
   - A drinking water network.
   - Sewerage network.
   - Treatment plant for waste water for the project.

- Electricity grid floor.
- Electricity generators for roads and services.
- Irrigation system for agriculture.
- Telephone network.
- Network of roads are paved and lighted.
          This is in addition to the vast areas of crops and landscaping, which is in the public green spaces have been planned carefully to give the feeling completely comfortable and enjoyable and the availability of healthy environment. Surrounding the project is a fence and gates with the availability of security 24/7 giving public safety and privacy to the owners of the villas, project management starts right after delivery by a team specialized in technical management of the operation and supervision of all services and maintenance upkeep.


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